Match report 20th March 2013

Donald opens the evening

Newly married Donald McLeod kicked off the evening blowing in a new reed that after the traditional wee squeeze came in a treat. Next up was Lachie Dick who trotted out some big guns including The Cameronian Rant and Pretty Marion.

The post pie piper was Tam Peterkin who started off with the little heard slow march Loch Duich.

Tam Peterkin

A legend connected with Loch Duich states that three brothers who went fishing at the loch one night became enraptured by three seal-maidens who had thrown off their furs, assumed the likeness of humans, and danced in the moonlight on the sands. The brothers stole their furs, intending to claim the seal-maidens as their wives. The youngest brother, however, moved by the seal-girl’s distress, returned her seal-skin. For his kindness, the girl’s father allowed the youngest brother to visit the maiden every ninth night. As for the other two brothers, the middle brother lost his wife after the seal-maiden he had captured found her stolen fur, while the eldest brother burnt his wife’s fur as a preventative measure, only to burn her accidentally in the process.

Tom continued with a lovely 2/4 Alan Dodd’s Farewell to Scotland that I think can be found in one of the John MacLellan Books? I must mention another Dodds who was visiting us, Jim Dodds, a local Edinburgh man and regular attender at the Eagles. There is sometimes a fair bit of banter about dress in-between players and if you ever hear a tune called The Cravat and The Combover you will know who it was named after. I say no more.

Michael Gray

Next up was Michael Gray who was also blowing in a new reed. It is that time of year! Included in his selection was the lovely strathspey, The Doune of Inverochty.

To finish off the evening Iain Speirs stepped up and off the bat gave us a double MSR ending off with the great Traditional Reel. Iain was in was in the mood for a tune as he was heading up to The Donald MacLeod Memorial the following Saturday. On a world class bagpipe he gave us In Praise of Morag that can be heard on our You Tube site at

If he reproduces that form he will threaten the major prizes.

In Praise of Morag

So that was the evenings evening. A report will soon be posted about the Hon Presidents visit to Canada.

Intimations: The Trinity Occasional Piping Society-TOPS will be holding an evening on April 30th at 19.30hrs in the local parish church to raise funds for Help for Heros.

The Edinburgh Local Mod will take place on Saturday 21st April 2012 at Liberton High School. The Eagles will be donating the under 15 Piobaireachd trophy. For more information please visit

Euan Anderson


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