In the aftermat…

Pies and pipes

In the aftermath of the outstanding Spirit Of Scotland/L&B Police concert, tonight was a little quieter but certainly no less enjoyable.

Alan Harper

Allan Harper had the honour of leading the way on his harmonic cocus Glen drones playing the wonderful Sands Of Kuwait, Sleep Dearie Sleep and Angus Lawrie’s Old Toastie.  His finale was the ground to one of this year’s Silver Medal tunes, Salute to Donald.  At the end of his set, Allan revealed he was playing a cane bass of his own making.  Its richness and resonance were a great advert for Allan’s newest skill. Next was Joshua Townsley.

JT not JJ

His phrasing, crisp execution and poise showed immense maturity.  A couple of swinging 6/8s were followed by Samantha’s Lullaby, Arthur Gillies’ beautiful but very sad melody.  Finally Josh gave us the ground and first variation of the Wee Spree. Post-pie-piper was CPA Treasurer, Nils Michael.

Nils Michaels

Nils is clearly putting in the hard yards this off-season as his pipes have never sounded better.  With a full set of cane drone reeds he gave us a double MSR in readiness for the forthcoming Duncan Johnstone in March.  His set included Mrs John MacColl, Lady Louden, the Shepherd’s Crook, Bessie MacIntyre and the Cockerel in the Creel. There then followed a breather in proceedings whilst the evening’s star attraction expertly settled his instrument upstairs like a master green keeper delicately touching up his prized 18thgreen.  The tension and excitement in the bar was almost tangible.  Finally the moment arrived and double Archie Kenneth Quaich winner, Tam Peterkin, strode confidently into the room with his cocus Glens.

Tam plays The Lament for Donald of Laggan

After an amuse bouche of tunes such as Southall and The Hills of Argyll, Tam gave us a strong and deftly handled Lament for Donald of Laggan.  Tam is looking to secure his third Archie Kenneth on 3rdMarch.  On this form, he will be a very strong contender.

Where did you get that hat?





Remember Sunday 19th February 16.00hrs Scots Guards Club. Knock out competition. Jenny Hazzerd v Craig Muirhead.


Douglas Gardiner

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February 18, 2012 · 6:39 pm

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