Match report, 29th November 2011

Seven pipers piping, two EPS debuts, a brace of guests from Texas and a complex piping quiz.  No partridge in a pear tree but another busy night at the Guards Club.

Douglas Gardiner kicked off the evening playing John Haynes’ The Cockney Jocks; a tune written about The London Scottish Regiment in whose ranks Gardiner served a decidedly undistinguished part time military career.

Donald Macleod followed looking set to break the EPS record of consecutive playing appearances.  His set of airs including Oran Na Navy and Loch Broom Bay was a highlight for many with the latter tune named after the beautiful loch where Donald grew up.

There is a theory put forward (very convincingly) by some of the more celebrated EPS members that it is impossible to be a good piper and a good golfer.  Our next piper of the night, Dr Fergus Perks, proved it can be done.  Not content with a single figure golf handicap, Fergus displayed his talent with a set of Sinclairs playing such classics as 10th HLI Crossing the Rhine and Mrs Lily Christie.  However, those jealous aspirant golfers listening may have taken some solace from the piping equivalent of three fresh air shots in Fergus’s playing of David Ross.

During the pie break, the Hon President reminded everyone of the forthcoming Scots Guards Knock Out Heats on Sunday 4th and 11th December.  Our own Jenny Hazzard will be playing in the second date against John Mulhearn.  A further date to look out for is Fred Morrison’s concert in Longniddry on Friday 16th December.  Tickets can be reserved by calling Frances Cunningham (01875 852 958).

Visiting us tonight were John and Victoria McCain from Texas.  Judging by the Hon President’s recollections of typical Texan cuisine, they may have found our steak pies a little bland.  Also sampling his first Eagles’ pie was Tam Peterkin’s younger (and taller) brother Henry.  In his youth, Henry was one of the most renowned pipers on Lour Road in Forfar.

Post Pie Piper was Dr Peter McCalister who introduced a cleverly devised quiz to be completed whilst he played.  The questions included identifying his eight strathspeys and reels, speeding texting accurately his four marches (some with the longest names in our repertoire) and correctly identifying the Canntaireachd of six piobaireachd.  It was a quiz which truly sorted the medallists from the buskers.  The winning team was Tam Peterkin, Colin Campbell and Douglas Gardiner

In an effort to test the mettle of the readership of this website, we are offering one Eagles steak pie with a brown sauce sachet to the first person (who didn’t attend tonight) with the correct answers to the Canntaireachd question (see bottom of report).  Only one is Nameless.  Place your response in the comments section.

Our first EPS debut performance of the night was from Brandon Summers of Calgary, Alberta.  Brandon now plays with Fife Constabulary and gave us a very musical selection including a classy MSR of the Edinburgh City Police Pipe Band, Susan Macleod and the Sheepwife with all the hallmarks of a strong Grade 1 piper.

Lachie Dick of North Uist gave us our second debut on a wonderful bagpipe.  His selection showed his Western Isles upbringing and climaxed with the Gaelic Air Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh and reels Cota Mor Ealasaid, Brenda Stubbers and the Gravel Walk.

Tonight’s piobaireachd was originally due to be from Angus Lutton.  However, in preparation he unwisely chose to play rugby for The Edinburgh Academy in the Scottish Schools Rugby Cup Final at Murrayfield.  Very sadly this involved breaking his nose although his team did win.

EPS anchorman and pie eating champ, Andrew Gray, manfully rose to the challenge at 24 hours notice.  He played a very strong and musical Corrienessan’s Salute with a dexterity and bagpipe that showed all the benefit of his first term’s hard work at the Royal Scottish Conservatoire.

Another busy but hugely enjoyable night!

Douglas Gardiner

Quiz Question:

Name these well known piobaireachd:

  1. Hiharin odin hiharin dro hihorodo odin hihorodo dro
  2. Hiemotra hiaho hioem hodinotra chelalhodin
  3. Hiharin hienhodro hahodro hihiodin
  4. Hiharin dro odro hiodro traotraen
  5. Hiemto hiharara hientro hiharara
  6. Cherede cherede cherede cherede


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4 responses to “Match report, 29th November 2011

  1. Obviously the Eagles website must have crashed under the weight of the anxious respondents…..

  2. Peter McCalister

    I assume I’m not allowed to win the pie …. Peter McC

  3. Mrs Lucy Vanreenan

    My guess is as follows:
    1. Gathering of the Macnabs
    2. Viscount of Dundee
    3. Battle of Auldearn #1
    4. Nameless
    5. End of the Great Bridge
    6. MacDougall’s Gathering

    Do I win a pie?

    • Peter McCalister

      yes you do Lucy … well done! you’ll have to remind Douglas next time you see him as he has a memory like a sieve … comes of being over 39 …

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