What are we up to next?

Tomorrow night Tuesday 16th sees Tracey Williams on the piobaireachd doing a bit of preparation for Oban and Inverness. Mind you I last saw her in the Todd bar in the early hours of Sunday morning with some Canterbury chums so she may be missing in action?

We have an Eagle Pipers v Scot’s Guards Club golf challenge match Friday 23rd September 2011 at Bilbirnie. Team of 6 required.

Date for the diary: Saturday 15th October Royal Scots Club.

The inaugural Captain John MacLellan Memorial Trust competition.


must make chutney

is the event organiser and will give you more details in due course but the general formant will be a formal dinner followed by 4 invited pipers playing one of the Captains own piobaireachs.  This unusual format will hopefully become an annual event and see the resurrection of major solo piping events in Edinburgh.

The good Captain with eaglet CRM

If you have your own summer story or wish to promote an event why not drop us an email at euananderson@blueyonder.co.uk and once it has been given the editorial nod we will post it on our site and facebook page?

Hopefully see you soon.

Euan Anderson

Hon Pipe Major


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