Match report, 12th April 2011

We were treated to a small and exclusive selection of players tonight, beginning with Brodie Savage who added quite the sense of occasion decked out in competiton dress.

Brodie Savage

Brodie played some particularly interesting tunes, including a cracking march called Pentland View by Blue MacMurchie. Blue is renowned for his craftsmanship and skill in fixing broken bass drones at the drop of a hat, and is obviously a composer of considerable talent too. Brodie continued with a tune of his own composition in honour of P/M Roderick David Paton – another thoroughly enjoyable and original tune. We were then treated to a big set of classic Gordon Duncan jigs, and the night was off with a bang!

Andrew Gray kept the tunes flowing and well and truly earned his pies tonight with a set of 6/8s, a big competition MSR of Abercairney Highlanders, Bob of Fettercairn and Alick C. MacGregor, followed by a double hornpipe and jig set. Some excellent tune choices again and such lovely musical playing.

Andrew Gray

Our pre-pie piper was Nils Michael who continues to bring new tunes to Eagle Pipers despite being one of our most regular players.


Nils is also a classically trained musician who has chosen the pipes as his first instrument these days. On a lovely mellow and smooth pipe he ended his selection with Jim Tweedie’s Sealegs and another big set of jigs. Great stuff! This tune in 5 parts was composed of course by John Allan Macgee in commemoration of Jim’s first trip from New Zealand to the UK – an epic 6-week journey in the 1950s which involved the crossing of 5 seas or oceans. Each of the parts also tells a section of the story of the gaining of Jim’s sealegs – from jauntily leaving the harbour to entering the high seas, to “feeding the fish” and gradually onwards towards gaining his sealegs. A mighty tune for a great friend and a true gentleman.

After the pies, Connor Sinclair


took to the floor and after Major Manson at Clachantrushal, launched into tonight’s piobaireachd – Hail To My Country from the Thomason Manuscript. This delightful tune, said to be a favourite of R.B. Nicol, was presented with confidence and control in Connor’s young hands on a solid and warm bagpipe. A lovely conclusion to another excellent evening.

I have discovered that there are a few readers who appreciate the commentary on the sartorial events of our Hon P/M.

I am delighted to report that tonight, the kilt was back, and that the Hon P/M acknowledged that his fine hand-knitted hose are in fact the shade commonly known as Duck Egg. Not a mention of Lovat Blue at all.

Tracey Williams

Tracy and the Lord…


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  1. Great night. Much love for the Duck Egg!

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