Match report, 18th January 2011

A day after supposedly the most depressing day of the year, the EPS took to cheering everyone up as usual with some tunes, pints, pies and banter.

Kicking off proceedings was Colin Campbell clearing showing why he has recently moved up to B Grade for his light music.  His Naill pipe was outstanding – worryingly so for this early in the year.  Brigadier Snow and the Glasgow Week in Hamburg were highlights – the 12/8 time signature being fully exploited to show maximum swing.

On the subject of swingers, Andrew Gray, took the floor next, fresh from his performance with the National Youth Pipe Band at Celtic Connections.  Andrew gave us an extended selection (under P/M’s orders) showcasing his wide repertoire including the catchy Scotsaire Hornpipe and Wards Jig.

In a change to our usual fare, we enjoyed mince pies instead of steak.  Many preferred the spicy nature of the mince complemented by the new tangy BBQ sauce available this year.  All were devoured with much haste.  What next week?  A medley of steak and mince pies perhaps?

The Post Pie Piper was Scotland on Sunday’s very own Donald Drone, Tom Peterkin.  He displayed a level of dexterity and musicality that belies his amateur status with classic tunes such as the Abercairney Highlanders and The Duchess of Edinburgh.  His pipe too was delightful until there was a black tape malfunction.  Perhaps time to invest in a roll of Murray Blair’s new tune tape…

The final slot of the night was reserved for P/M Michael Gray, MBE, piping tutor at The Edinburgh Academy.  Michael settled his pipe with a number of tunes including the charming Dark Lowers the Night.  He then played a masterful performance of the ever popular but demanding piobaireachd, Lord Lovat’s Lament.

Look out for Stuart Liddell at the Guards Club on Saturday 29th at 4.00pm.  Please note: Saturday.  There will be a CLASP contest all day culminating in Stuart’s recital.

Douglas Gardiner

Douglas Gardiner


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