Match report 21st December 2010

Brodie Savage

The last meeting of the year. Where has the time gone? It seems that in the blink of an eye we have put our first year in the bank. The annual news report summed up what has been an outstanding year and I must again thank everyone who came along and supported the Society. The representation from the young players was quite remarkable and in truth we didn’t have a bad evening with attendances being consistently high. The Tune, Chat And a pie and pint formulae is well established and we have a sturdy 2010 pie champion in young Andrew Gray.

In January  the Society began with an evening of solo playing combined with everyone taking the floor to play in ‘the band’ so it seemed appropriate to close  in the same way.

I started the evening off with a few tunes followed by local and frequent attendees Alan Harper and Iain MacDonald. Next up was Brodie Savage who took had taken the time to don the highland dress and looked first class. Brodie’s playing has come on leaps and bounds over the past year and he was also sporting a very natty finger ring with an Eagle emblem engraved on the face. Excellent.

We then had a Glasgow trio tag team take the floor. They had intended to play as a group but chanter issues saw a unique session with one playing straight after the other. First up was Edward Seaman who paved the way for first time players at the Society Laura MacMillan and James Henderson.  I had not heard either Laura or James play before but both are top-notch youngsters with big futures ahead of them. Laura plays with the now famous Inveraray Pipe band so she is a well-travelled piper full of enthusiasm for the instrument. The 3 musketeers are all studying piping in Glasgow and we hope to get Edwards band through to Edinburgh next year.

Laura MacMillan

James Henderson

The pre pie piper was Peter McAlister who as usual gave us a very musical performance on a sweet pipe. So 8 pipers so far…..

After the pies everyone took to the floor and we knocked out a few tunes. I am not sure exactly what it is but there is something very satisfying seeing everyone up together having a tune.

The band

Next for shaving was another debutant Marshall Allan (13) from Crieff. Marshall travelled down with Craig Sutherland and played a couple of sets to break himself in. Welcome Marshall and I hope to see you next year. The pieman was up next. Andrew is still breaking in the new set of pipes he won and was in fine form. Up next was the Hon Pres. who I have a sneaking suspicion could have a tilt at the pie eating record next year if the circumstances are right. William Hills are giving good odds that he is a significant threat


When Colin had finished entertaining the audience with some very musical wee strathspeys and reels the final piper of the evening, Craig Sutherland, took to the floor and closed 2010 with a fine rendition of The Battle of Auldearn No 1. Craig has been a regular supporter of the Society this year travelling from Crieff once a month to make the evenings.  His tune was a fitting end to an outstanding 2010.

So that was the evenings evening (Tracy that’s for you while you are away sunning yourself in Kiwiland) and the ball has been kicked into touch for 2010.  Thanks go to The Scots Guards Club for their continued support and I/we look forward to seeing everyone in the New Year.

Next Meeting Tuesday 4th January 2011.

Have a great festive bash. See you all soon

Merry Christmas






Euan Anderson

Hon PM



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2 responses to “Match report 21st December 2010


    hi EUAN congrats on starting the society again and a succesful first year i joined in 1980 while in EDINBURGH on hols you enroled me at the time ishallbe rejoining soon all good wishes to fellow EAGLES SLAINTE your clansman JOHN ANDERSON HASTINGS EAST SUSSRX

  2. Oh Euan, you charmer. You really are flattering me in this one eh haha. Brilliant night and a brilliant end to really amazing year.
    See you lot again in Feb.
    All the best
    (You better have those bag covers in production by then)

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