Match report, 17th August 2010

MacGregor VandeVen

Back in our usual Tuesday slot this was an evening for the young guard. After I had a few tunes (well you have to get the average up somehow) MacGregor Vandeven (14) from Ontario played an excellent selection, including a hornpipe and jig that he had composed himself. MacGregor is taught by Ross Brown who was in the audience and who played with the 78th Fraser Highlanders when they won the worlds. MacGregor’s mum, dad and sister were also there to give him some support. Piping runs in the family as his father played at the worlds with the Rob Roy Pipe band in grade 3b who were 6th in the final.

Taylor Townsley

Next up was Joshua Townsley (11) who is a very accomplished performer. He was followed by his sister Taylor (13) who warmed her pipes up with a slow air, MSR then finished off with the ground of MacCrimmons Sweetheart.

Brodie Savage (16) from Musselburgh but now resident in Warrington gave us a few tunes. This was Brody’s first appearance at the Eagles and it was great to see him on the floor.

Edward Seaman gave us a few tunes on the pipes before entertaining us on the whistle in F. Edward plays for the group Barluath and he assures me the team will be through in the near future to do a spot.

The pre pie piper was Billy Stewart who gave us another fine performance on a strong sounding pipe however disaster had struck earlier in the day with the pie man failing to trap thus for the first time we went hungry. I am sure I saw a tear in a few eyes?

After the break we had regular Alan Harper up followed by MacGregor Vandeven back to give us another selection as he had travelled such a distance and as he was on first a few late arrivals had missed his fine skills.

Lorne Cousin

A pleasant surprise was to have a wee selection from Lorne Cousin who borrowed the Hon. Sec’s pipe and blowing an excellent tone gave us a first class performance.

Iain then gave us a few tunes himself and rounded off the evening with a beautiful Old Woman’s Lullaby.

It was also great to welcome Malcolm McRae who resides in Queensland, Australia but has a house in Edinburgh and is over to fulfil a few judging duties.

So that was that another excellent evening (pies aside) that saw a great display of young talent.

Good luck to those competing at Oban and Cowal. See you next time.



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2 responses to “Match report, 17th August 2010

  1. T. Peterkin

    Just curious to know if there is a pie-eating tally. If so, which gourmand holds the record for the most pies consumed in one evening?
    Simple Simon

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