The Pipeband Club, Sydney at the EPS

The change of evening from our usual slot of Tuesday to Thursday 5th August saw the arrival of The Pipeband Club from Sydney who had literally just landed in Scotland for an assault on North Berwick, Bridge of Allan and of course the world champs the following weekend. A hectic schedule also included a George Square performance and a spot at the Renfrew Ferry so it was fantastic that so many of the group took time out to come along and play and support.

To start the evening off I got up for a tune with young Andrew Mirzikinian who is a pupil at the Sydney Scotts College. After a couple of sets Murzo played on his own and entertained the crowd with some fine playing.

Next up was Cameron Devries who is based in Melbourne. Cammy gave us some fine tunes and his playing has come on leaps and bounds since last year. It was great to see him up strutting his stuff.

Jonathan Graham was up next obviously in fine form with a superb bagpipe under his arm. He had just won the jigs and slow air at Killin a few days before and gave a fine fifteen minute spot.

You may not have heard of the following piper, Steven Weir, but in his own small way he is famous. A couple for years ago I was with him and PM Scott Nicolson on a visit to the McCallum factory when we were asked if we wanted a coffee. Young Weir piped up that he would like a Latté. ‘This is a bagpipe makers son. Black or white?’ For some reason Latté has stuck with him ever since. Steven played very well and got some practice in for Pipe Idol.

The pre-pie piper was Mario Rosso from Germany. Mario plays with the Pipeband Club and is part of a small group of Germans who form part of the pipe section. After Mario’s fine finger dexterity came the famous pies that were very well received by our hungry Antipodean chums.

After pies Craig Muirhead (who won the MSR at Killin) gave us a superb selection on a great pipe. Another young man on top form.

Next up was Blair Hodson from Auckland and who attends St Kentigern College. Blair has recently joined the band and was part of the team that won the Aussie Championships in March this year. Blair was also looking to air some of his pipe idol selection and he is one to look out for in the future.

Our final player of the evening was Douglas Gardiner (winner of the Piobaireachd at Killin) who stole the show with a great performance of Tulloch Ard. Douglas gave a first class performance of this Gathering tune and his pipe matched the playing.

Another great night and it was great to welcome 6 new overseas members from the Pipeband Club. I am probably a bit biased but they are truly a great bunch of people who enjoy their art and who know how to socialise.

We are back to our usual Tuesday slot on the 17th. Hope to see you there.

Euan Anderson
Honorary Pipe Major
The Eagle Pipers’ Society


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