The Eagle Pipers in The Scotsman newspaper

Jim Gilchrist writes

“… visitors were intrigued by a stuffed sea eagle which, we were assured by our hosts, was not the same hapless raptor that was once the emblem of the Eagle Pipers’ Society, a near-legendary Edinburgh piping institution during the 1960s and 1970s, and which used to meet in the West End Hotel – whence its own Eagle trophy was mysteriously misappropriated. However, the good news for piping aficionados is that the Eagle Pipers’ Society, defunct for the past two decades, has been resurrected and is holding regular meetings in the Scots Guards’ Club. Membership is open to “anyone with an interest in the great Highland bagpipe” and those involved include such notable competition pipers as Colin MacLellan and Iain Speirs and Euan Anderson, former pipe sergeant of Lothian and Borders Police Pipe Band, all with family connections to the former society. Whether you’re piping in Scotland or Italy, revival, it seems, is in the air.”

Reproduced courtesy of The Scotsman


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One response to “The Eagle Pipers in The Scotsman newspaper

  1. I think this “it’s not THE sea eagle is” a bit suspicious, I mean, how many of the dang things can there be…..

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