Thanks for the good wishes

Hi Colin,

I had hoped to get this in before the event but unfortunately my share-club meeting ran over (& I couldn’t just up & off as I’m the Chairman).

Nevertheless, I just wanted to wish the new ‘Eagle Pipers Society’ every success and best wishes for a long & prosperous future.

I’ll check the website for formal membership & subs details as I’d like to support the venture.  Who knows?  If I’m ever in Edinburgh coincident with a meeting, I now know where I can hear a bit of decent piping.

I’ve rattled our Society’s collective cages on the same basis so you might see a few itinerant southerners too.

Best of luck!


Hugh Jamieson
Vice-President, Scottish Pipers Society of London

Dear Colin,

Well tonight is the night! It was great to read that you and Iain have re-founded the Eagle Pipers’ Society. Congratulations, and best wishes for the future.

It is so sad that Uncle George, your father, P/M Angus, and Paddy Atkinson will not be there for the festivities.

It is also good to read that you will be meeting in the Guards’ Club, just a stone’s throw from the West End. George Kilgour wrote me that he was active in organizing piping at the club, and I like to think that he will have helped this come to pass. It is a shame he won’t be there to enjoy it. Please give my very best to Margaret, Bob, Tom, Euan, and everyone else I’ve left out.

Also, thank you for bringing back the old tie pattern. I became a member too late to get one of the old ones, but the old tie’s return promotes my “new tie” to the “old new tie”, ironically turning it into a status symbol of sorts!

Yours Aye,


Charley Kron

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